The Internet: Idiots Like Me Have Your Picture

The project has been covered or discussed here:

JJJ program “Top Shelf”
Interview with Robbie Buck 16th January 2006.
“Are you sick of myspace and Top 'friends' lists? Robbie meets someone from Canberra who has taken myspace out of the virtual space and into the real world with some shocking results!”

Sydney Morning Herald
Web version of article published January 9th 2007

The Riot-ACT Canberra Community/News Blog

TrendHunter Magazine

Spin Starts Here

I have recieved many emails, most nice, some not. here are a few:
(original spelling)

“a good insight in privacy and the like, and you're confronting people's sensibilities in a way that needs to be done now and then”

“honestly im offended. as pretty much the second person from canberra to get myspace and the first to start a canberra group, im not even featured on your website!!!!!!”

“I would appreciate you removing any picture/information of me from your project. While I understand what you are trying to convey, I don't agree with you using me as part of your example.”
[picture was removed]

“Heard you put people's photos up all over Civic without their consent? You are aware that's illegal right?”

“I commend you on trying to demonstrate to people how ridiculous putting all your personal information on the internet is!”

“Hey, My name's XXXXXX and you have put a photo of me up around the city area. I don't mind at all, I went onto your website when I got home and read the homepage and I just wanted to say that it was such a good idea and the message got through to me. I never relised how much information I was sharing and how dangerous it really could be!
I've enclosed a photo of myself with the photo of me you have pasted on the billboards so you know which one I am.
I think what you are doing is awesome and to keep up the good work. If the message got through to me, it will with others aswell.”

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