Reuben Ingall

Recorded and mixed:
Finnigan and Brother's Hey Kid 606 / Roadkill
Fossil Rabbit's Cloudache
Kid of Harith's Tatemae.
Megasex - A General Theory Of Sex, Wuthering Heights
RKPK - Live on 2XX FM 2012

Mixed and mastered:
California Girls' Desire.

Peach Lane's House Party single
Soft Hollow's S
Raven's Tandem Tapes release TT044
Slagatha Christie's Lionel and Boys' Club singles
Shoeb Ahmad's quiver, quiver remixes, mask-ed and romance
Wives' Doomsday
Lapse's True Conditions
Ben Drury's Sentence Fragment: Consider Revising
Danger Beach's Contact
Oxen's 12"
Raus' LP and The Great Flood
The remixes on PTSD's Demo CS
Moontown Records' Cassette Club compilation volumes One, Two, and Three
The Subsequence Radio compilations
Earache - Last
Wet Dream - four tracks